Saturday, April 19, 2008

My First Ribbon Book

Okay, I'm feeling nostalgic. I was going through some old art CD's, and found this ribbon book that I made for my oldest daughter's Cheer Advisor-when she was a freshman! LOL! I thought it would be fun to post this. Do you ever look back and compare your scrapping style? It just cracks me up to think that 4, yes 4 years ago, I had a totally different creative style. I treasure the changes in my style almost as much as the memories I scrap. I guess that is because I reflect on the emotions I felt when I made those pages back when. It just all comes back to me. So, if you look back and think, "I could redo that so much better now"...don't! Enjoy the memories of "creating in the moment"-back when. HUGS!

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