Friday, September 4, 2009

Chalkboard progress...

I thought "Berry Pink" was a definite...but the "Bahama Breeze" by Krylon caught my eye as it is the accent color in my kitchen, dining/family rooms, and that is where this chalkboard will be displayed. (makes sense to put it in the HUB of our home where the family will see it most often) I was nervous about the "purple" at first, but it all worked out and the Bahama Breeze covered ...after I fussed over the drips from the can . You can see the result on the paper towel. In my opinion, the Rust-oleum paint went on much smoother and was so much easier to apply. Oh well, I NEEDED the color! and...for those of you that "know" me, the Berry Pink will be well used and loved! :)

If you are LOVIN' this photo collage, you can get it here, and don't forget to look at this, for the brushes, numbers, and font that I used as well. I just love these Girls!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Take a Look at this GEM!!!

So, a client/friend of mine turned me onto a great "barn" in Visalia. Yes, it's an old barn with so many treasures that it's hard to take it all in and I had to walk through 4 times. They have all kinds of consignment goodies and I can't wait to make another trip to see what I missed when I start my 5th trip around "The Barn"! For now, I'm on a mission to make a magnetic chalk board out of this frame...can you believe it was only $12?...okay, focus Lisa~ Check back for the result! (Sorry I've been MIA. So many exciting things going on and we've had a very busy summer. Oh and I'm gonna be a Granny! Yeowzers!!!) So many more FUN things to come having a little one around again. My first BABY is having a BABY. is Good! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Welcome Spring Banner

There are many yummy papers and goodies on this banner. It's my first, so be gentle! :) Lisa

Friday, April 3, 2009

More pics of mini book from Rhonna's Kit

I made this inspiration mini-book for a fun girls night with a few of my friends (and new friends) in Visalia. We had such a great time making this super easy coaster size chipboard book. I just resized the papers to 8x8 in PSE and cut them into 4s, rounded the corners and they fit perfectly. The flowers are just printed, glittered and scrunched into shape...super fun! I adore Rhonna's designs and this color combo was a versatile!

Monday, March 30, 2009

For My Visalia Scrappin' Sistahs!

Sneak peek for you!!! I think you're gonna LOVE it! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Summer Lovin' Mini Album

This is a little book I made about a "Girl Trip" with my daughters to Newport Beach last summer. We had such a great time and stayed within walking distance of the sand. Sure would like to make this an annual event.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Banners are all the RAGE!!!

I've really been drawn toward the Vintage/Shabby Chic trend...not my usual style. My middle daughter Courtney has always had a fascination with the 50s, Marilyn, Jane, and it's been fun working on a vintage banner for her. I'm going to surprise her with one that spells out her name (subtle). It's going to be pretty large when it's complete...but I think she will flip when she sees it. Here are a couple of peeks at 2 letters that I've completed so far. (Oh, and how much fun is it to make these tulle flowers...super easy schmezy!)
I actually made the templates and cut these 2 shapes (4 of each) from a very thick cardboard box. I also printed 8 quotes that remind me of her personality, or are inspirational for women (she'll be 18 in September). I can't wait to finish it and hang it on her bedroom wall. It's going to be so girly with lots of bling...would you expect less...haha!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy GREEN Day!!!

Today is my LUCKY DAY, for sure! I was one of the LUCKY 100 to get an awesome download from Rhonna and Heidi. Aren't you just LOVIN" my LUCKY BLOG? And...the Lucky Girl brushes that Heidi created are so adorable! Karyssa was a few minutes late to school because she had to wait for this quickie shamrock that I had to make and pin on her. "It's so cute, Mommy!" makes it all worth the last minute rush, doesn't it? Tonight is family dinner night, so I'm making Cheesy Chicken. I thought maybe I'd add some green food coloring to it...could be interesting to see the reactions of the girls and their BFs! (wink) I might just do it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Horsin' Around

This is Karyssa with Lady at riding lessons. Isn't that pink bridle so darling? I've been learning more and more about all of this FUN digital stuff. I'm such a fan of Rhonna Farrer (duh) and her digi brushes used on these photos can be purchased here. They are included in this kit-such a me!. I thought these photos would be great in the House Warming Book I'm creating with my kits from's almost done!!! {wink, wink}

Monday, March 9, 2009

Inspiration Monday

A clean studio is the most creative inspiration I can think of. I was really inspired on Friday to re-organize my studio and I seem to get REALLY motivated to "clean" when I have something new to add to my room. So, I went to 2PEAs and purchased some digi goodies from Rhonna's products (she's always so inspiring-I just "heart" her!) Her products and creative designs inspired me to redo my tags and I'll show you some more "Rhonna Inspired" studio goodies in a few days!
Here are some pics of the process, which I am truly enjoying. I will post more once it's completed. Oh, and I changed my colors from pink and green. to pink and orange...aren't these colors YUMMY?

If you are interested in posting your Monday Inspiration, go here and share with Rhonna, and don't forget to take a peek at Hof3. So many cute things! ;) Lisa

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hof3 Always Welcome Card

I am officially an addict of Here is my version of the "project of the day"...just catching up to Janet. I only managed one card tonight. Next, I'll follow suit with Heidi and post a calendar for March...I might be a day behind this week, but it's a huge improvement compared to my previous! ~Lisa

Friday, February 27, 2009

House of 3 Valentine's Book

I prefer not to take photos of art at night, but I know I will be so crazy busy tomorrow with the House Warming at Hof3! :) I hope these came out okay. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. I did use some patterns from the Birthday Queen Album kit on House of, as well. These patterns and colors are just delicious, aren't they?

I got this crazy idea to take the family Roller Skating for Valentine's Day this year. We had a blast and it brought back so many memories...especially listening to all of the old school music they played. My oldest couldn't stop laughing at me as she asked what that song was that I was singing as I grooved to "Double Dutch Bus" funny! You can click on the pictures to see a bit more detail if you'd like. This book is all about that day. Enjoy! Lisa

Could it be???...

Is this me? Did I get selected as a House Warming Ultimate Package Winner? Pick me up off the floor! And I even got a very sweet comment from Heidi...I LOVE you too, Girls!!! All of you!

Okay, exhale Lisa!! I'll post my book shortly...I was working away, and didn't even know they posted this...

I have a NEW Crush!

Okay, I've been SO MIA, and now I am completely re-inspired to start blogging again. I'll tell you why...a few weeks back, I got an email that rocked my world. (Those of you that know me, know that I have continued to create. I just pooped out on the blogging. I had no idea how long it's been, until I went to my blog...that I had to "remember" the name of and hunt down my log in info...crazy, huh?) Anyway, I've continued to "Stalk" certain "Celebu-Scrappers", and that email I was from a group of Gals ( Heidi, Rhonna, and Janet) that are always my "daily dose blog hop peeks". I about hit the floor when I saw the teasers of what was to come from House of 3!!! So, please do yourself the favor of clicking on my cute "blinkie" above and check it out for yourself. You'll be so glad you did! Oh, and my new blog header and background...FREE from the Girls at Hof3. You will want to scoop up these pretty Spring goodies while you are there.

I am finishing up a project that I will post later and here are a few sneak peeks for ya! (You can purchase this template here, print, and create your own as well) Just be'll be very addicted!!! Oh, and their housewarming is tomorrow.

Hope I "see" you there!