Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy GREEN Day!!!

Today is my LUCKY DAY, for sure! I was one of the LUCKY 100 to get an awesome download from Rhonna and Heidi. Aren't you just LOVIN" my LUCKY BLOG? And...the Lucky Girl brushes that Heidi created are so adorable! Karyssa was a few minutes late to school because she had to wait for this quickie shamrock that I had to make and pin on her. "It's so cute, Mommy!" makes it all worth the last minute rush, doesn't it? Tonight is family dinner night, so I'm making Cheesy Chicken. I thought maybe I'd add some green food coloring to it...could be interesting to see the reactions of the girls and their BFs! (wink) I might just do it!


stampnscrap said...

Hey, Girlfriend! This is your lucky day!! Karyssa is a doll!!! Sometimes we just gotta slow down and enjoy the moment. Good for you today!!!

Kristy said...

I was one of the lucky 100 too!! Don't you love all the goodies from house of 3!! I purchased the Birthday girl kit, but I am cluless as to how to add my photos...I just get carried away and start buying things that I have NO idea how to use :) Love the photos of your creative space!!