Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hof3 Always Welcome Card

I am officially an addict of Houseof3.com. Here is my version of the "project of the day"...just catching up to Janet. I only managed one card tonight. Next, I'll follow suit with Heidi and post a calendar for March...I might be a day behind this week, but it's a huge improvement compared to my previous postings...lol! ~Lisa


Diana said...

Hey Lisa! I love your card, those flowers are so yummy!!!! I know what you mean about addiction...lol! I just want to make everything from Hof3! I can't wait to post my love album, but it is being published in the magazine I work for so I can't post it yet. Thanks for the wonderful comment today, hope you stop by again ;) Didee xo

Naseer Ahmad said...

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