Friday, February 27, 2009

House of 3 Valentine's Book

I prefer not to take photos of art at night, but I know I will be so crazy busy tomorrow with the House Warming at Hof3! :) I hope these came out okay. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. I did use some patterns from the Birthday Queen Album kit on House of, as well. These patterns and colors are just delicious, aren't they?

I got this crazy idea to take the family Roller Skating for Valentine's Day this year. We had a blast and it brought back so many memories...especially listening to all of the old school music they played. My oldest couldn't stop laughing at me as she asked what that song was that I was singing as I grooved to "Double Dutch Bus" funny! You can click on the pictures to see a bit more detail if you'd like. This book is all about that day. Enjoy! Lisa


Diana said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your win, you must be so excited!!! Love your love album, very gorgeous indeed ;)

Nancy W said...

Congrats on your win! Love your album!

Jaime Benavides said...

Congrats sista' on your win as well & I'm LOVIN' your Valentine Book...;)